What are you neglecting inside?

4 thoughts on “What are you neglecting inside?”

  1. The interesting part about the timing of this post is that a fellowship group I am apart of is going through the book of James currently and it discusses hypocrisy extensively. As Christians, we do need to take heed. I know mercy is definitely a virtue worth developing


    1. Our youth group has been going through a very similar study! It’s interesting to see a shift in the modern church today. Although COVID can be seen as something bad, it certainely is something God plans to use!

      Mercy is often neglected! Both with others and with ourselves. Learning to grasp mercy has been a prayer of mine for a while now

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  2. Wow — I love the paradigm shifts hidden within some of your thoughts here, which are bold in those slight shifts. For instance when you say, “The hurt caused by Christians in today’s world goes far beyond anything that Jesus would have wanted.” That little phrase you use instead of WWJD, but WWJW — what would he WANT? (desire, expect, need even, but just plain WANT from me/us) — provoking and helpful. And this line: “Ask God to see if your actions are lining up with the story you are trying to tell.” My life as the story I am trying to tell — oh, we have forgotten that we humans are perhaps first and foremost story-tellers, story-makers, story believers, story livers — as was the Son of God, as is The God of The Book — brilliant little gems in a gem of a post. Glad you found me so I could find you here in this land of “story telling”. Shalom to you and yours today, Jane

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    1. Shalom to you as well! It’s a wonderful blessing that we all have to be able to share what God puts on our hearts. Being able to spread the message to others and encourage each other is something that many take for granted! I appreciate your response so very much! God bless friend!


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